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Independent Fractal City Accountability Board

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Fractal City Motto: “Forever onward peering on to infinity…”

"Clouds are not spheres,

mountains are not cones,

coastlines are not circles,

and bark is not smooth,

nor does lightning travel in a straight line. "

Benoit Mandelbrot.

· City Council Oversight

· Board of Education Oversight

· Ticket and Fine Review Board, Parking Appeal Process

· Regulation and Spending Oversight

· City Planning, Building Inspection and Any Other Regulatory Body That is Able to Impose Fines. Economic, Environmental, Emotional Impact Review Board.

Shall the measure amending the Berkeley City Charter to create an independent Berkeley Accountability Board and Director Accountability to provide oversight of the Berkeley Government Department (Department) policies, practices, and procedures; obtain access to records; investigate complaints filed by members of the public against sworn employees of the Department; and recommend discipline of sworn employees of the Department, based upon a preponderance of the evidence, be adopted?

The Ballot initiative of Fractal, California formerly known as Berkeley, California, to change its name during the 2020 purification and disillusionment phase of our country, the city that had stood for free speech, open exchange of ideas, and individual liberties had eroded so much that its citizens called upon the renaming it to a more inclusive, welcoming name free from the controversies other places bear. The name chosen presents beacon of hope for the future is Fractal, an inspiration to a multidimensional city.

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