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Fractal Gardens and Parks

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Fractal Park - open spaces that utilizes nature. Where nature is formulated in a natural setting using natural environmental settings and sounds. Spaces can incorporate fractal and Euclidian patterns and forms of fractal landscapes, art and sculptures. There can be plant identification by signs or digital postings that describe their utility, needs, geometrical composition, and origination.

Fractal Gardens – land set aside to grow a community garden. It will be self-sustaining were participants share a combination of labor and costs, harvest rights will be based on contribution (Fractal Units). Excesses can be deeded to others by contributors. Fruit and vegetable harvesting can be aided by smartphone apps. They can tell what food source it is, ripeness, supply recipes, nutrition and the spot value of Fractal units to purchase needed. There can also be attached a scale to reusable environmental bags for weighing the amount.

Fractal Playgrounds – places were children and adults can play while learning. Geometric places to climb, puzzles to solve and group activities to enjoy with an emphasis on physical and mental activities and learning.

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