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Fractal Mathematics Utilization

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Fractal Mathematics is beneficial for economic development and optimization, containing the spread of pandemics, and testing various models.

The City of Fractal shall create a citizens group and tap the knowledge of experts and create a committee of citizens to help disseminate that knowledge that is to the city populous through appropriate levels of understanding and implementation. Also were practical and beneficial that will be shared with other communities.

The board will be comprised of a diverse group, that shall also include full range of views and shall include minors.

Issues addressed: Economic, Education, Environment, Health-Epidemics, and Financial Contribution. Collaboration with organizations such as the University of California and MSRI.

Create a Top – 10 Priority List

Annually the city shall formulate an open forum created to address the top issues. Other issues can be addressed too that can be elevated in priority periodically. Topics will be openly tackled online. No city funding just created by citizen volunteers

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