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The Ballot initiative of Fractal, California is formerly known as Berkeley, California, to change its name during the 2020 purification and disillusionment phase of our country, the city that had stood for free speech, open exchange of ideas, and individual liberties had eroded so much that its citizens called upon the renaming it to a more inclusive, welcoming name free from the controversies other places bear. The name chosen presents a beacon of hope for the future is Fractal, an inspiration to a multidimensional city.



Fractal is derived from the Latin fractus, meaning to break, shatter, or break down. The term fractal was first coined by the mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot and first appeared in print in 1975. To break the bonds of traditional Euclidian Geometry, Fractals try to encompass forms found in nature, organizational forms, and in the sciences and arts. These patterns are often observed at varying levels and in many ways can be a unifying force that can bring humanity together. Here are examples of how naming our city Fractal would help exemplify the virtues of our great municipal.


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