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Pi Day and Fractal Fridays

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

To improve school education, further inform students, complete a more rounded education, increase competitiveness in technical education, furthering knowledge, shall the Fractal Unified School District adopt a measure authorizing independent citizens and auditor oversights shall the school board to promote and authorize Pi Day and Fractal Fridays to be recognized as important parts of the education process.

Fractal City shall make Pi Day (March 14) an unofficial holiday to celebrate academics especially science, technology and mathematics. In the event that an official city holiday cancelled (say due to person not living up to Fractal City’s high ideals) Pi Day shall take its place.

If a new school is built “Fractal” shall be given serious naming consideration, based on the community consent.

Fractal Fridays should be promoted in Fractal City schools (curriculum online open to all). An academic committee along with parents and students should be formed to teach practical usage of subject matter learned. Other topics such as Science Saturday, Music Monday, Fractal Friday, an effort to teach practicality one day a week in a subject. With Fractal Friday you could teach mathematics subjects that include logic, probability, data science, statistics, finance, and yes fractal geometry.

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